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Question: I am a student of sciences; I want to know how to be a good Muslim scholar?

If your mission in life is to be a scientist and serve humanity through your chosen field of study, then you should go for it wholeheartedly. But being a scientist, however, should not deprive you of your desire to gain essential knowledge of Islam or even obtain a first degree in Islamic studies if you were so determined.

But mind you that this is not the same thing as becoming a good Islamic scholar. For becoming a good scholar in Islam, like becoming a good scientist, requires full time dedication and many years of preparation and training. Since human life is short, no single person, barring an extraordinary genius, can be an expert concurrently in both fields. Therefore, choose to be an expert in one field of study, and acquire learning in the other as a secondary subject. Otherwise, we will end up getting mediocre scientists or mediocre scholars.

So I advise you to make up your mind what you want to do with your life. When choosing a field it is important to keep in mind the important point that Imam Ghazzali drives home in his Ihya: Choose a field where there is a dearth of experts and thus the community is suffering. In this way you can better serve the community and hope to gain greater rewards if you cherish sincere intention of earning the pleasure of Allah through your work.

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