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Question: My question is what is the minimum rak’ahs of sunnah taraaweeh can an individual pray?

Taraaweeh is an optional or recommended prayer. There is no fixed number of rak’ahs for this prayer. If there had been such a fixed number the Prophet, peace be upon him, would have said so. There were occasions for him to state so clearly, and yet he did not mention any specific number. Thus once a person asked him about the manner of praying night Prayer; his only reply was, “It should be prayed in two’s and two’s. When you fear that dawn is approaching, then you should conclude it by praying witr.”

Thus being an optional prayer, one may choose to pray any number of rak’ahs he can afford to. It is however best that he chooses either eight or twenty rak’ahs which has been chosen by the majority of Muslims throughout the ages, although there were others who chose to pray even thirty or thirty four or even forty rak’ahs.

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