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Question: I have some used clothing that I wish to donate. Is it OK for Muslims to donate to the Salvation Army?

Certainly, you can do so. I go a step further and say: We are not only allowed to do it, rather highly encouraged to do so long as such organizations are reputable for their work to help all people regardless of differences of creed, race or colour or ethnicity.

It is important for us Muslims to consistently reflect on the fact that Islam, above all, is essentially a religion of mercy. That is the Prophet, peace be upon him, tirelessly emphasised that we must be actively engaged in acts of mercy every single day of our life in order to receive God’s mercy. It should also be borne clearly in mind that he never said that charity in Islam is restricted to Muslims; rather he stated in no unclear terms that our mercy must embrace all of God’s creation. He said, “You stand to gain rewards for each and every act of kindness rendered to every single living creature.”

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