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Question: We are working on internet from past 4 5 weeks . Our clients send us paper to solve it when there are in examination hall then they demand to solve tht paper in given time . This process is done through phone . After solving questions we send them the answers and then they wright it on their paper to pass the exam . They pay us for solving paper. Is this sort of earning is halal?

You don’t need a mufti to tell your that these students are cheating. They are committing a grave sin, and you are committing a double sin by encouraging them to cheat and making money out of it. The income you earn through this fraudulent work is pure filth.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) warned us against unlawful earnings: He said Allah does not hear prayers of such people. He teaches us this principle by citing the case of an individual who undertakes journey to perform Hajj and raises his hands in the sacred sites to Allah, calling out saying: My Lord! My Lord! "How would Allah answer his prayers when his food is earned through illegal ways, his clothes are from unlawful earnings, and such income also nurtures his entire body?" (Reported by Muslim on the authority of Abu Hurayrah).

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