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Question: asalamu alaikum..i want to ask that my asr salah is been missing due to my university timings..till the time i reach home salah time has gone so what should i do to offer it..i cannot offer it in my university because there is no such place
In this case you should combine both Zuhr and Asr. In other words, you should pray Zuhr, and pray Asr in advance with the intention to combine both prayers. This practice is known as Jam'; which is allowed in exceptional circumstances. 
Imam Muslim reports  the following on the authority of Ibn Abbas: The Prophet (peace be upon him) combined dhuhr and asr and maghrib and Isha sometimes without reasons of journey or rain" When someone asked him, 'why did he do so?', he replied, "He did so in order to remove hardship from the people. In other words, to teach them they are allowed to do so in the case of hardship. Yours is such a case. 


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