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Question: My question is how to do sajda in nimaz if we are reading surah Iqra in 2 rakat nimaz because in this surah sajda e tilawat is there ??
Sujud al-Tilaawah (also known as-Sajdah al-Tilaawah) is a prostration to be performed when one is reading any of the verses. As reported in a hadith reported by Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, Daraqutni and others on the authority of Amr b. al-Aas there are  fifteen verses in the Qur'an -  where prostration is recommended, 
The last verse of Surah al-'Alaq is one of them. So, anyone reading the surah should make takbir and go down and perform a single prostration. Then one rises again saying takbir and goes back to standing position. Once he has stood erect, he should make another takbir and proceed to do Ruku' and continue the Salah as he would normally.


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