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Question: Asalamu Alaikum How many times must one make wudu inorder to be considered excused. For example if one breaks wudu then has to remake it then breaks it again and has to remake it how many times must a person have to remake wudu before realizing they are excused (madhoor)

It appears you are suffering from a condition of incontinence, and as such your case falls under the category of those who are excused (ashaab al-a’dhaar).

In other words, because of your medical condition on which you have no control, you are excused from repeating the Prayer so long as you make sure you have performed your wudhu or ablution as close to the salah you intend to perform.

Once you have cleaned yourself and performed your ablution close to the Salah, you need not worry about any discharge that happens before or during the course of your salah if it happens without your own will and effort, for Allah does not take us to task for things we do not have any control over. So you don’t need to repeat your Prayer in such cases. Based on the authentic Islamic principles, you can rest assured that your Prayer will be accepted inshah Allah once you have done your best-insha Allah.

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