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Question: I asked this question several times but no answer; I need some aayaat (verses of the Qur’an) or du’as (supplications) to control my temper; which I could keep reciting to keep my temper in control.

Before giving you some du’as I would like to give you some tips gleaned from Imam Ghazzali.

In order to control your anger, you must do two things:
Firstly, you should ask yourself why, when and how you are getting angry and control the circumstances that create such situations. By directing your thoughts in this way, you can often control your anger. So condition yourself to ask questions such as the following: Why am I getting angry? What is the big deal about reacting to something that happened in the past? Can I change it now? If the milk is already spilt, how is my anger going to help to bring it back? What benefit can I gain by reacting in anger? Is there anything far more beneficial I can do instead?

Furthermore, think of all the harmful effects of anger if it is not controlled. In fact, there is nothing more destructive than anger if it leads to violence or inflicting verbal or emotional abuse on people. So condition yourself to think of the destructive consequences of anger until you learn to associate anger with pain, ugliness and suffering. In this way, you will be better able to take control of your anger and make sure that it is not expressed in a harmful way.

Secondly, as soon you find yourself becoming angry, channel your energy in positive ways by immediately taking the following steps:

A’oodhu billahi mina al-shaytaani al-rajeem (I seek refuge in Allah from Satan the accursed) three times, and walk immediately to the washroom and perform ablutions with cool water and pray two rak’ahs.

Alternately, you can repeat the above words, and go for a walk or take some deep breaths and do some minor exercises to release the tension and relax.

Finally, here are a few du’as you should recite and meditate upon consistently:
Allaahumma inne a’aoodhu bika min hamazaati al-shayaateen wa a’oodhu bika rabbi an yahdhurooni
(O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the whisperings of devils; and I seek refuge in You from their presence around me)

Astaghiru Allaah (I seek refuge and protection in Allah) three times.
Rabbi qinee sharra nafsee, rabbi qinee sharra sam’ee, rabbi qinee sharra basaree, rabbi qinee sharaa lisaanee.
(My Lord, save me from the evils of my own soul; my Lord, save me from the evils of my ears; my Lord, save me from the evils of my eyes; my Lord, save me from the evils of my speech.)

You can also simply make the following tasbeehs:
Subhaaana Allaah, al-hamdu lillaah, laa ilaaha illla Allah, wa laa hawla walaa quwwata illa bi Allah
(Glory be to Allah; praise be to Allah; there is no god but Allah; there is no power or strength to gain good or avoid harm except by the will of Allah).

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