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Question: Would the income be halal if one works directly or as a contractor (thru an IT firm) at Ford Financial or GMAC in the computer infrastructure department; what if the person does not directly deal with interest (riba (interest)financial transactions) at any level, but prepares servers/clients/software/tools?

You are to be commended for your zeal in observing the rules of halaal and haraam (the lawful and the unlawful). I pray that Allah help you to keep this spirit alive and strong.

As for your question, the services you are providing by their very nature, are considered halaal, and as such, the salary and benefits you are drawing from such services are considered halaal.

If, however, you have any doubt as to whether it may be tainted by elements of haraam due to interest or otherwise, you should try to purify your income by consistently giving charities and making istighfaar as much as possible.

Remember: Islam does not burden us with what is beyond our ability or means.

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