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Question: If in a family, the older brother(s) take care of the business, and he/they make some money through Haraam means, and they don't pay the zakaat right, will it be Haraam for the younger brother(s) who has/have no control over the business or the money? What if the younger one is just a teenager? How about the other family members like the women who are housewives?

If all of the earnings of your brother/brothers are coming from sources that are considered purely Haraam (prohibited), then you must definitely find an alternative way that is Halaal; for at no time, a believer can remain complacent about living off purely Haraam sources of income.

If, however, your brother has both Haraam and Halaal sources of income, then you are excused unless he is giving you specifically from what is considered as Haraam.
If you are a minor you are not responsible or accountable for the actions of your brother. However, if you are able to become independent and find your own source of income, then you must definitely shun that which is considered Haraam altogether. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “If I forbid you something, shun it altogether.” He also said, “A body which is nurtured by Haraam is most worthy of hell-fire.”

Finally, have you considered advising your brother/brothers about his actions? If you haven’t already done so, do so, but while you are at it, try to be gentle and wise in your approach. Remember while sending His prophets Musa and Haroon to go and preach to Pharoah, He reminded them saying, “Speak to him with gentle words, that perhaps he may heed the warning, or fear (Allah).” (Q.20: 44).

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