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Question: What is the correct Du’a of Qunut that we are supposed to read while performing Witr Prayer?

There is not just one but more than one du’a of qunut that have been mentioned in the sources; one can read anyone of them or all of them. We give below two of the most popular ones:
The First One:

Allaahumma innaa nasta’eenuka wa nastahdeeka wa nastaghfiruka wa natoobu ilayka wa nu’minu bika wa natawakkalu alayka wa nuthnee alayka al-khayra kullahu nashkuruka walaa nakfuruka wa nakhla’u wa naturuku man yafjuruka allaahumma iyyaaka na’budu walaka nusallee wa nasjudu wa ilayka nas’aa wa nahfidu narjoo rahmataka wa nakhshaa ‘adhaabaka inna ‘adhaabaka al-jidda bi al-kuffaari mulhiq wa salla Allaahu alaa sayyidinaa al-nabiyyi wa aalihi wa sallam.

(O Allah, we seek Your assistance and ask for Your guidance; we beseech Your forgiveness and return to You in repentance; we cherish faith in You and place our trust in You; we attribute all goodness unto You; we are grateful unto You and refuse to be ungrateful unto You; we abandon and forsake all those who reject You. O Allah, You alone we worship, unto You alone we pray; unto You alone we prostrate, and unto You alone we strive forth; and unto You alone we flee for refuge. We cherish hope in Your mercy and we fear Your retribution. Verily, Your punishment is bound to catch up with those who reject the truth.)

The Second One:

Allaahumma ihdinaa feeman hadayta waafinaa feeman aafayta wa tawallanaa feeman tawallayta wa baarik lanaa feemaa a’tayta wa qinaa sharra maa qadhayta innaka taqdhee walaa yuqdhaa alayka innahu laa yadhillu man waalayta walaa ya’uzzu man aadayta tabaarakta rabbanaa wa ta’aalayta.

(O Allah, guide us with those You have guided aright. Grant us wellness with those that You have granted wellness. Protect us with those You have protected. Bless us in what you have bestowed on us, and guard us against Your evil decree, for You alone decree, and no one can decree against You. One whom You have patronized can never be despised and the one whom You have antagonized can never become honored. Our Lord, You are the most exalted and glorious.).

After having said any or both of the above du’as, one should close it off by saying the benediction on the Prophet, peace be on him, as follows:

wa salla Allaahumaa alaa muhammadin wa aalihi wa sallam

(O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family and shower them with peace)

Finally, it is perhaps worthy of mentioning that the followers of the Hanafi School usually recite the first du’a, while the followers of the Shafi School recite the second one. Many scholars, however, prefer to read both of them, as they are profound in meaning, and thus worthy of reflection.

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