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Question: I accepted Islam one year ago. My parents are not happy about it. My mom chooses not to think about it and I have the same relation with her, but my dad is not talking to me at all. I try to talk to him and greet him but he just ignores me as if I do not exist. I know it is too much for him and I stopped talking to him too because I thought that I was constantly trying to reach when he doesn’t want. Can you please advise me on whether I am doing the right thing?

Your dad’s reaction to your conversion to Islam is not hard to explain; he may have been exposed to the negative stereotyping of Islam and Muslims in the media and popular culture. Your best weapon to counter this negativity would be by trying your best to expose him to the truth of Islam. You can do that by showing respect and kindness to him, and sincerely impressing him through your genuine behavior and personal examples of how your Islam has made you a better person.

You need to exercise patience but never give up acting kindly towards him. Do not force Islam upon him. Be there showing your readiness to serve him whenever you have an opportunity to do so. Let him see the positive changes Islam has brought about in your life. If his heart is open to the truth sooner or later he is bound to come around and accept you.

Pray for your dad sincerely; ask Allah to open his heart to see the truth of Islam. How many of those who had taken up the cause of Islam vigorously had been once its worst enemies? So be patient, and pray unceasingly. Allah may in His own time guide your dad to the truth of Islam. After all, it is Allah who guides people to the straight path.

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