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Question: What are the basics of the AQIQAH, and is it permissible to have a Qur’anic function? Some brothers are saying it is BIDAH to read the Holy Quran for the Aqiqah.

For a detailed answer on the basics of Aqiqah, you are advised to refer to the relevant question on this site (you may access by searching the key word “ aqiqah” ). Let me limit this answer to the second part of your question:

It is unfortunate to see that today many people tend to use the word bid’ah (reprehensible innovation) carelessly; this is the case when they use it as a means of opposing every single custom or practice, they do not agree with, regardless of whether it is good or bad. The case you referred to in your question definitely is one of those instances. Bid’ah when properly understood denotes innovations in religion which is against the established norm and practice of the early generations and therefore must be rejected. Reading the Qur’an when people gather together cannot fall in this category; how can anyone say otherwise when we read in the traditions that the blessing of Allah descend upon those who gather on the word of Allah and His remembrance? We read in an authentic report from Muslim that the Prophet, peace be upon, “Whenever people gather together in any of the houses of Allah reading and studying the book of Allah, tranquility from Allah will descend upon them, and Allah’s mercy will cover them, and the angels will make a ring of protection around them and Allah will mention their names proudly in His assembly.”

Furthermore, the Qur’an, the Noble Word of Allah, is the true source of mercy, guidance, light and healing and blessing for the faithful. Thus can anyone find anything better
to bless an occasion or open a session auspiciously than by reading the same?

It is therefore my humble opinion that one must not be deterred by those who seem to be so obsessed with the letter of the Law to such an extent that they fail to see its true spirit and soul.

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